We are hiring!

The Lake County Development Council is in search of an Executive Assistant who will help the Executive Director and Board of Trustees, execute, manage and oversee processes that have been put in place, to fulfill our mission of bringing awareness of economic development in Lake County to our members. 

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in organizing board meetings and LCDC events
  • Management of registration for events
    • Being present at these events
  • Some administrative work. i.e. organizing spreadsheets and databases
  • Play a large role in the Legislative Breakfast and Economic Forum
    • Helping organize marketing materials and registrations
    • On-site to assist with check-in
  • Help lead the membership drive for the Lake County Development Council
    • Assisting in mailers, spreadsheet updates, communication with members and sponsors.
  • Attending board meetings and taking minutes.

Desired skills and experience:

  • Has knowledge of Lake County, Ohio
  • Has worked in the county & feels comfortable networking with other business professionals
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Knowledge of economic development and non-profit organizations

Time commitment:

The Executive Assistant should anticipate committing approximately 10-15 hours a month on activities including, but not limited to, conference calls, board meetings, and LCDC events. The time commitment may vary depending on the time of year and event timelines.

Salary/Wage: Contractor – 1099 – Flat rate of $500.00/month

To apply please email [email protected]

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